Corporate Wellness


 Dr.Nehal Elkoshairy (CNP, MSc.), is a Candian Certified Nutritionist, Speaker and Corporate Wellness Consultant. She has a Master’s Degree of Science from Ain Shams University and a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, North York, Canada. This diploma is recognized and approved by two of Canada’s respected educational standards bodies: the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP).

Dr. Nehal has worked in the healthcare and coaching industry for more than 15 years gaining experience in recent advances in health and nutrition, wellness program development, public speaking and mentoring. Her passion is to help busy professionals eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

She believes that improving the nutrition, health and wellness of employees directly increases productivity, cuts down healthcare costs, absences and cultivates an environment of well being and vitality. She loves helping busy professionals eat healthier, boost energy, get fit and reach vibrant health.


Dr. Nehal has spent the majority of her career mentoring, coaching, consulting individuals and groups. She is an excellent speaker and motivator. She has coached over 150 one-one-one clients, created four online group courses and presented corporate wellness programs at top companies in Canada.

Corporate Wellness Programs

  1.  Workshops/Webinars : 60 minutes interactive presentation with info, tips, recipes and Q & A session covering a specific topic.
  2. Customized programs : after assessing the needs of your staff, we develop a program that includes workshops, group programs, online programs, challenges, detoxes or individualized nutrition and wellness plans

Suggested workshop/webinar topics include :

1) How to increase immunity against Covid and other infections
2) How to stay healthy while working from home.
3)Boost your energy through proper nutrition
4) Healthy Eating habits that help you reach your goals
5) Eating healthy on the go for busy professionals