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Now let’s get into the juicy stuff here!

This is a journey, it will take time, practice, patience, setbacks and lots of compassion, discipline and gratitude. Sharing this with you, does not mean, that I personally love myself all the time, no- it’s always a work in progress. Yet, with practice, it becomes easier and more natural to switch back into this lovely connection with myself – and I feel like a warm ray of sunshine and happiness shining through me. Sending you all so much love and light 🙂

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Highly recommend you grab a pen and journal/notebook and write down your own notes and reflections.


Your Relationship with YOU

1. Self Talk

2. Limiting Beliefs
3. Self Love explained

Self Love Concepts

4. Love Frequency
5. Law of Attraction same video as above
6. كوني كالطاسة التيفال
7. Gratitude
8. The Tree Concept
9. Self Discipline

Will Smith Concept of Self Love  🙂