Self-care Coaching Session



If you are overwhelmed with your busy lifestyle, feel stressed and need to find simple ways to take care of yourself,  feel relaxed, find joy, create goals and adopt new habits; then this session is for you 😉

Over the last three years, I have prioritized my own self care and it has been the number one reason for my own healing. I lost 15 kg, started exercising regularly, improved my self-image and self-worth, planned goals and became more productive, found ways to love myself, like never before, I feel much happier, loved, relaxed and able to handle stress much better than ever.

“I am the hero of my own story, I am loved, I am whole, I am enough, all I need is within me now, all I seek is seeking me now”
Clark Kegley

I wish for YOU to feel the same : happy, relaxed, loved, empowered and healthy 🙂

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✨ Self care and Self Love explained ✨ by @nehal_elkoshairy_nutritionist 💗. . The beauty of the lockdown is that it created time for us to slow down, to unwind and explore new places within ourselves ✨🎉. . I've created habits like meditation, journaling, walking, listen to my favourite podcasts and it had helped me greatly feel better and feel free 💗. . For many years, I struggled with self love and self worth, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, I didn't relate to Me anymore, I felt disconnected and alienated in my own skin 😌. . I invite you today to look to yourself in the mirror with compassion and say out loud three things you're grateful for. . Gratitude has the highest vibrational frequency and it changes our energy and our mood ✨🎉💗 الحمد لله دائما ابدا ✨. I would like to support you in your self care and healing journey if you need support ☺️. . Check link in bio for October offers and let's get you feeling amazing and loved like you are meant to be 💖. Sending love and light into the universe and to You 💞. . 📷 @islamhamdy.i : thank you 🤗. 🏖️: @baysideredsea 🧘‍♀️: @thelalaland #nehal_elkoshairy_nutritionist #getnourishedbynehal #clinicalnutrition #clinicalnutritionist #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #healthcoaching #healingjourney #meditationpractice #selflovetips #yogaretreat #balanceddiet #journalingcommunity #caloriedeficit #newcairo #alrehab #selfcare #selfworthquotes #fatlossjourney #8020rule #healthynutrition #cairofood #الساحل_الشمالي #مارينا #دايت_صحي #دايت_بدون_حرمان

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In this 45 minutes coaching call, we discuss your lifestyle in depth and together we make a simple plan to help you create time and space for your self care and overall well being. You will receive a clear plan with actionable steps to do plus online resources, links, videos, music, podcasts, and  books. 

This session is for you if you are 100% ready and committed to take action and try new things 🙂

The Self-Care Coaching call is available now at a discounted price for 195 LE instead of 300 LE for a limited time.





Nehal is not your ordinary Nutritionist that will just advise you to go exercise and quit a bad habit. She will rather motivate you and analyze your lifestyle bringing the best out of you. She’s keen to see that outstanding improvement in her clients’ health. she’s very detail-oriented and full of enthusiasm. Her kind and friendly attitude will make you feel the change incurring upon you before you even know it. Her health plans are straightforward and life-changing. She doesn’t burden her clients with harsh food-lists to get them in shape, but advise them with the most brilliant techniques to suit their daily routines. Get ready for a lifetime experience once you seek Nehal’s advice.
                                                                                                                                             Dr. Hatem Ahmed

She is such a sweetheart and a cheerful doctor. she listens carefully to all the details and concentrates on making you satisfied and happy about yourself during the journey! i had weight loss issues that started 5 yrs ago and tried every sort of diet and routine, but only when i started her program that things got better because she knew what suits me best!
                                                                                                                                             Dr. Ragia Taher