Self-care?! What do you mean Self-care ?!

Sometimes a single conversation with a friend, can be your wake up call that changes your perspective on life forever 😍

This was my conversation with my beautiful friend Renny Duquette <3

I was busy with school, studying, taking care of my kids, cooking, cleaning and keeping my life in check. I was talking to Renny and explaining how I am joggling it all at the same time 😁.

She suddenly looked around to face me and with her sweetest smile she asked :” Oh Nehal ! What do you do for self care ?!”

For a moment there, I smiled yet literally could not understand what she meant by self care 😌 It has been such a long time, since I did anything special for myself ^_^

So with a meek smile on my face I innocently asked her :
” What do you mean by self care?!” 🤗

She replied lovingly :” Nehal, When do you take a day off from the kids to go out on your own, or go for a walk or a massage or do some yoga and meditation. Things just to pamper yourself <3″

Still with a smile on my face, but now I could feel my eyes tearing up because I realized that “I miss Me” and miss taking care of myself, I sheepishly said :” Oh, nothing I don’t do any self care!” 😁.

Now in plain shock Renny sincerely patted my arm and said :
” Oh Nehal! You need to take care of yourself dear <3 “.

I went home this day contemplating my life.

As I was doing the dishes, I got an SMS. It was my sweet Renny again, she said :” Just a gentle reminder to take some time off today and pamper yourself <3 ^_^ “.

I was grateful for having such a loving friend ☺️ and I knew I have to listen to her advice 😍.

I took some time off that evening, went to my room, dimmed the light, had some essential oils diffusing and just relaxed there for a while <3

Not thinking, not planning, not scheduling, just being in that moment.. That was my new haven, precious time with myself -meditating <3

Now, I try to take baby steps every day to take care of myself, simple things like skin care, doing my hair, going for a walk with my friend in the early morning, eating breakfast with my best friend and going for a massage once a month.
I started my self care journey and it has helped me get a long way to love myself <3

My message to you today, is to take a pause, slow down, relax and just Be. Let all your feelings, plans and worries aside for a moment and just RELAX & BREATHE <3

Now: just close your eyes, relax in your seat, just take a deep breath, put your left hand on your belly button, your right hand on your heart and just BREATHE for a few moments 😍

Great! That was your first meditation, now repeat that everyday and start learning to pause and meditate.

On a Diet or off the Diet!

January 21, 2019