On a Diet or off the Diet!

There is so much more to weight loss than eating less and moving more.
In my upcoming Weight Loss Mini series, I am going to discuss this in detail.

Every cell in your body can hear your thoughts! Isn’t this neat, and a bit creepy as well. This is why you need to be extra careful with your thoughts and watch out for “negative” self talk.

When you think of weight loss, a million thought pops into your head, things like, I can’t done it, it never works, I don;t want to be deprived, oh this is painful, but food is so good, I just don’t have the will to do this- and your mind opens the old files of every single time you started a diet or a project and never really finished it. And in no time, you get depressed about the whole idea, and- you know what’s coming- you eat more to numb this pain or thought.

This is why it’s important to change your mindset about weight loss. You are not going on a diet, because if you are on a diet, you can easily get off the diet. But more like, this is a new way of choosing food forever- you’ve heard it before, it’s a lifestyle.

In my practice, I have seen a pattern, that I know tell my clients about before we work together.
It is my 5 Steps to eating healthy:

1- Learn
2- Prep
3- Implement
4- Slip
5- Get back on track

Simply put, you need to learn the healthy foods that are good for you and what are the foods/drinks you need to avoid, then you need to prep your foods and have ideas for eating on the go. Then you go ahead and follow that for as long as you can, but be aware that you might slip!

You may go to party, or get really hungry one day, and you can slip and that’s ok! It happens, get over it and move on.What happens to most people is that when they slip they feel guilty and ashamed and fall into a vicious cycle of emotional eating- just be prepared for this and show compassion to yourself- let it go and move on 

Once you master your mind, you can start making small steps to eating healthy without fear 

I encourage you to take 5 minutes today and sit by yourself and decide that you will start eating healthy from now on and that’s it..Now go have a glass of water and some veggies 

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January 21, 2019