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My story with Milk!

Growing up I loved, loved, LOVED milk, cheese, ice-cream, heavy cream, yogurt and everything dairy 😁.

In my early twenties, I packed little milk cartoons or yogurt as a snack for the day. I would finish every meal with a cup of milk, having vanilla ice-cream from Mac Donald’s was heaven on earth! One of my friends jokingly told me : “Seriously Nehal,you need to get a cow in your balcony! LOL 🤣🤣”

I remember I went to a dietitian in 2005 who suggested that when I was hungry, I would eat one slice of cheddar cheese to keep me full as it was “healthy fat & protein” (bless his heart, I know he meant well <3 ).

This all changed when I became aware of the effect of milk on my body 😎 So here are some fun facts about milk:

1) Humans are the only species that consume milk beyond childhood 😂 Have you ever seen a horse drink milk, or even an adult pet cat or dog having milk, probably not 🤔

2) Cows have four stomachs! They produce milk to feed a small calf so it grows -in one year- to the size of an adult cow😀! Humans on the other side need almost 18 -20 years to grow from infancy to the size of an adult 😛.

3) Factory-raised cows do not graze in nature and eat grass, but are confined in small factories and fed genetically modified (GMO’s) corn and soy. Then are injected with massive antibiotics to keep them from getting sick, I know! YUCK 🤨

4) The milk produced is processed heavily and so the body does not recognize it as “food” but as an allergen (foreign invader) 😱

5) Milk being an allergen, causes vague symptoms including gas, bloating, heartburn, allergies, dry skin, eczema and the list goes on 🤪

Going back to my story with milk, back in my twenties I suffered frequent colds, upper respiratory-tract infections, then I started developing dry skin and eczema and it snow-balled from there on wards 😂.

I know you may be sweating, nervous and scared right now thinking what do are you saying, Nehal!😜

Relax, don’t fret 😊 What I am saying is, maybe we need to tweak our dairy intake <3 Maybe we will be healthier if we are not consuming milk three times a day, every day for the rest of our lives, it’s that simple 😋

I know it maybe scary, I’ve been there but trust me it is so do-able, remember I really wanted to have a cow 😃🤩😍😋

Here are my top 3 tips to reduce dairy:

1) Instead of having milk tea every day, maybe try herbal tea or black tea instead 😍

2) Get creative with your sandwiches, try hummus, tahini or guacamole for a change 🤩

3) Fermented dairy like kiefr (rayeb/laban), yogurt or raw cottage cheese are okay 🎉

Good news is: once you reduce milk and cheese, your gas and bloating will improve, your allergies and dry skin will decrease and you will FEEL AMAZING 😍🤩🎉😋Worth giving it a try, step out out of your comfort zone, try something new, play around with it and mostly Become Aware of YOUR BODY😋😍🤩🎉😃

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