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My story with Coffee!

There were days when I needed coffee to literally wake up in the morning ^_^
My food plan consisted of 3-5 daily doses of coffee and/or tea with milk to keep me up and running and avoid that horrible afternoon crash.

Of course what is coffee without a sweet treat 😉

As an amazing stimulant coffee kept me awake, but also dehydrated and on a roller coaster of crash n burn till I get my coffee fix!

Then my body couldn’t take it anymore!

I started having increased heart rate (tachycardia) with every cup. It became uncomfortable to drink it. I soon realized that coffee does not affect my sleep, which was weird because it is a stimulant🤔I eventually stopped drinking coffee and switched to herbal teas😊.

Apart from that, I would get fancy with coffee, adding milk, cream, sugar or artificial sweetener and maybe whipped cream and caramel sauce if I am at a coffee shop. I was consuming too much calories and sugar with very low nutritional value. The truth of the matter is even artificial sweeteners are not healthy. They trick the body that their is an influx of sugar without actual sugar (fuel) to burn, so it ends up messing hormones, significantly.

Years later, when I studied holistic nutrition I realized that I have developed “caffeine sensitivity” and that my liver detoxification pathways have been affected; that’s why it didn’t affect my sleep😜. If you drink coffee and sleep, good news your liver is not functioning properly, surprise!

Moral of the story : Listen to your body!

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