Meet Nehal

If this is the first time we meet, Hi there and welcome to Get Nourished by Nehal!

My name is Dr.Nehal Elkoshairy (Msc., CNP), I am a Canadian Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Speaker and  Wellness Consultant.  I am a foodie at heart, a meditation and yoga lover, a gym goer, an online entrepreneur and a lover of life, joy and everything positive 🙂

I graduated with First Class Honors from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN), North York, Canada. I have IHN’s Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition which is recognized and approved by two of Canada’s respected educational standards bodies: the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP). I also have a Master’s Degree of Science in the field of alternative medicine and patho-toxicology from Ain-Shams University, Egypt.  I also have a Diploma in NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming ) from the Field of Awakening.
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My passion

My promise to you : you will learn to eat healthy, lose weight and feel an amazing shift in your energy and well being in 14 days.

My passion is to teach busy people how to transition into a healthier lifestyle so they make better food choices, feel better, have more energy, less pain and fatigue, manage weight, sleep and digestion. I help clients with chronic diseases, like Hashimoto’s, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, autoimmunity, IBS to improve their health through food and lifestyle.

I had an amazing experience with Nehal, I had been suffering from IBS for more than 10 years and I had almost got used to living with it and gave up on finding any way to improve my health status until I started consulting Nehal. I loved her wholistic approach, her keenness on comprehensively understanding the patient’s lifestyle and totally customizing her treatment plans accordingly. I also highly appreciate the time she spent to involve me in every step of the treatment and in explaining to me all the scientific basis of the treatment (which was definitely time consuming as I don’t come from a medical background). She was highly responsive to my questions through all channels and has even extended my package and offered me some bonus weeks. I have now come a long way in improving my IBS and I am very grateful to Nehal. P.s. She offers some very delicious and totally new recipes in her meal plans

— Salma Mahmoud 

I’ve been working with Nehal for about a year now. The least I can say is that I am transformed! I feel much more energetic than I have ever felt these past few years. I understand my body way better than ever before. It has been life changing, to say the least. Thank you Nehal

— Noha Ibrahim


I have been doing the Nourished by Nehal Detox for 30 days now and I lost 24 pounds so far! I feel great and energized 😊. I love working with Nehal ❤. She is very supportive and is always there for me. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate in her work. Her program is easy to follow, the recipes are delicious. It was a really smooth and easy journey for me 😉 I look forward to working with Nehal 😍

— Omaima Abu Samra