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It all starts in your gut!

Hippocrates said it and he was right:
“All disease begins in the gut ” 😮

Whatever symptoms, diseases or conditions your are experiencing, it either started or has to do with gut health.

From obvious things like digestive issues ( gas, bloating, heartburn, abdominal discomfort), to bowel issues to vague unrelated things like allergies, joint pain, depression, auto-immune conditions, diabetes and much more.

Why is that ?!
Well the gut is the only open connection between the outside world and your body, and communication occurs through food.😎

Fun fact: the gut has almost 80% of the body’s immunity!!
The health of your gut dictates the health (and nutrition) of the whole body.

Indeed, many scientists call the gut ” the second brain”, lol 🤣

The first step to improve your health is to improve your gut health 😍

Here are my top 5 steps to start :

1) Reduce sugar!
It feeds bad bacteria in the gut, causes gas and bloating and is the cause of weight gain.🤩

2) Avoid poor food combinations.
For example, eating proteins and sugar/fruit at the same time is not good for digestion. Eat fruit alone as a snack 😉

3) Give your gut time to rest and digest.
You really don’t need to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks to stay alive!
Your body is designed to tolerate long periods without food 😀
Make sure to add vegetables, proteins and healthy fats to every meal <3

4) Aid your digestion with lemon water before meals:
Drink a cup of water before meals with 1/2 a lemon squeezed (don’t worry this is NOT lemonade and NO you don’t need sugar 🙂 ) it tastes good.😋

5) Add soluble fibers to your day to improve elimination
( yes, I am talking about poop )
Add 1-2 tbsp ground flax seed to your daily meals and have 1-2 glasses of water with it for better bowel movements

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