Awaken Your Feminine Energy

Are your energies balanced ? Do you feel grounded, relaxed, feminine and in touch with your feelings or are you always in your head trying to do, fix and get things done? Or are you feeling passive, helpless and invisible ?

It’s all about the delicate balance between feminine and masculine energies ?
You see, we as women, should be more into feminine energy; which is a feeling energy, a soft, feeling, grounded energy. Masculine energy on the other hand is a doing energy, it’s fixing, planning and getting things done. There is a time and place for each energy, yet for us women to feel happy, relaxed and content we need to be more into our feminine energy most of the time.
In this course, learn the difference between feminine and masculine energies, how to become more feminine, how to stay balanced and when to use masculine energy to speak up and protect yourself. In this course, you learn the different layers of femininity with yourself, within your community, at work and in relationships.

You also understand the spectrum of femininity and signs of unbalanced energies. You practice how to use feminine energies at work, at home and in relationships. You also get an exclusive guide on how to return to femininity and simple self care tips to keep you in tuned with your feelings and body long term. This is a life-changing concept, open your heart and lean back into your feminine state of being and relax!

1. Feminine Energy VS Masculine Energy
2. Feminine Energy Layers
3. Self Love Explained
4. Feminine Energy at Work
5.Feminine Energy in Relationships
6. Feminine Energy Spectrum
7. Masculine Energy & Unbalanced Energies
8. Feeling Statements

9. Self Care to increase femininity
10. Lean back into Femininity

Bonus ** Meditation for Self Love**