Nutrition & Health Session

Nutrition & Health Session

This session is 45 - 60 minutes phone call/messenger or BOTIM call.

It includes a full nutrition/health assessment and 3 Day Food Journal and dietary habits review.

Get a full protocol  with food recommendations, meal plan, a recipes e-book plus lifestyle recommendation like exercise, sleep and stress management.

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“ I had a great experience with Nehal. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She is very competent at what she does, and she knows exactly how to offer the customized help you need to boost your health and spirit. In such a very short time, I feel much better, and I also lost weight. I am taking the right supplements I need, and I feel light and good about myself. Nehal is also very approachable, friendly, and easy to talk to you. She is definitely recommended if you are looking for the right, best fitted lifestyle change.”

                                                                          - Nelly Elmenoufy


“ I’ve been working with Nehal for about a year now. The least I can say is that I am transformed! I feel much more energetic than I have ever felt these past few years. I understand my body way better than ever before. It has been life changing, to say the least. Thank you Nehal!”

                                                                                                              — Dr. Noha Ibrahim

“ I have a very bad and stressful daily routine with working hours that are inconsistent. Nehal managed to adjust my eating habits and times to fit into my regular day. Just by adjusting my eating habits and time of meals, I managed to lose over 4.5 kg in one month. Nehal is a good listener and easily accessible if you need to ask about anything and get support .”

                                                                             - Dr. Rami Gaber

“Working with Nehal has been a life-changing experience for me! I have been consistently losing weight over the last 4 months. I lost 16 Kg so far, by changing my food and dietary habits, never feeling hungry or miserable. . Nehal has shown me simple ways to make better food choices by following her intermittent fasting program and choosing wholesome nutritious food . I feel AMAZING; I am energized, I feel lighter and healthier, and do not depend on coffee anymore to keep me alert . Nehal continues to be very supportive along the way and is always very innovative with her recipes and strategies to keep me on track even when I am on vacation or travelling . It is indeed such a pleasure working with Nehal.”                                             

                                                              - Noha Mahmoud Ahmed


“I am totally impressed and fascinated by your approach to handle my medical case. I love your passion for details, your keen follow up overseas and the resources and knowledge you provided, which are very beneficial. My medical concerns are now totally under control after my consultation with Nehal. I learned what to eat and when, how to listen to my body and find food alternatives that work well with me. It was one of the best steps, to work with such a caring and professional person like you, Nehal. Thank you.”

                                                                                  - Dalia Kotb

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