4 Steps to Healthy Eating Workshop

4 Steps to Healthy Eating Workshop
Overwhelmed by all the info out there on how to start eating healthy, what diet to follow, how to eat for effortless weight loss without dieting or just learn to eat healthy and stay strong ?!
Cut through the clutter and come join our workshop to learn my proven 4 Steps to Eating Healthy- without dieting.
In this workshop you will learn :
1) Step 1: Food : what to eat, what to avoid, what to minimize🤩
2) Step 2: how to build healthy habits of planning and meal prepping nutritious whole foods
3) Step 3: How to stay consistent without dieting or deprivation😊
4) Step 4: How to slip and get back on track 🥰.
This is a three hour workshop where you get to learn and have all your questions answered. You will receive a printed guide of the workshop summary plus a one day recipe book to help you get started.

BONUS **Attendees get a special gift at the end as well 💃✨.

Ticket : 300 LE = 25 CAD , before 4th December, 2019

Price goes up to 500 LE = 42 CAD on 5th of December, 2019.

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