21 Days Healthy Eating Program


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** P. S. Most video content of this program was filmed several months ago before Covid lockdown.
Yes, I have lost weight and shaped up- A Lot – since then 🙂
Just thought I would keep sharing the valuable content and
prove to you that consistency, even during lock down, pays off 🙂

Introductory Module : Mindset

Are you scared of changing the way you eat ?

This is a limiting belief, which is a false belief that if you start eating healthy, you will suffer,
or that you will be deprived or that you will continuously hungry. My message to you, ” It doesn’t have to be this way!!” .

The secret to sustained healthy eating and/or weight loss is striking the balance between eat right and indulging every now and then, within reason.
Once you adopt this concept, and start following it, eating healthy becomes second nature 🙂


Positive Mindset

The secret to eating healthy long term is to change your negative self talk.
Instead of saying, I need to go on a diet to lose weight, say I want to start eating healthy to nourish my body, boost my energy and feel great 🙂

Because the old mindset of dieting clearly states that once you go on a diet, you will eventually go off the diet 😁.
You will go back to eating the way, you always ate, which means you will eventually gain all the lost weight back and feel horrible about it !

I love the 80/20 Rule which entails that 80% of the time, you eat strictly healthy, ongoing and you follow through with your plan.
Then 20% of the time, when you feel like it, or when life happens (vacation, birthday, party, travels..etc)
you allow yourself to enjoy food and indulge, within reason 🙂

This will give you better sustained long term results 💃 .

Forget about the scale, focus on learning new healthy eating habits, that’s what will guarantee sustained results.